Use WordPress Cloning

1. To Move From One Host To Another
2. To Sell A Business In A Box
3. To Sell Your Entire Site Without Doing Any Work

When you’re talking about cloning a site or backing it up or restoring it, it sounds kind of boring but it’s actually very exciting once you imagine the possibilities and do it and see how much time it can save you.

You can move your site from one host to another so that someone’s business is in a box or sell your site for a quick buck.

What does it mean to move your site from one host to another?

It means that maybe you have the same website, the same .com domain name but you’re moving from one provider to another.

Maybe one is cheaper. Maybe one provides you with more space or it’s faster or better services.

If you back up your WordPress site and then move to a new web host and restore that WordPress site, you have an exact copy of it now.

What’s great is that you might be moving your site from one web host to another or someone may be paying you even $100 or several hundred dollars to do the moving for them and all it takes is backing up your site, going to somewhere new and restoring it in the new location.

A great opportunity for WordPress users is this thing called a developer’s license.

What this means is that you pay a little bit extra to plugin owners or to theme developers for a developer’s license which means that you can use their theme and plugin on anyone’s site.

You can’t sell that theme or plugin but you can set it up on someone else’s new site.

What if you bought a $300 theme? If you bought several $100 premium plugins and configured WordPress in an exact way that got people to read it, looks great, and made sales then someone could pay you to not sell them the plugin or the theme but to set it up to install it on their new site.

You’re not selling any kind of content, not doing any kind of resell rights, you’re simply setting up your exact WordPress configuration in this way that the developer’s license allows you to. This is a business in a box.

If someone is selling a site, the site on a domain name with a .com name alone is not going to make a lot of money.

If that property has been developed, if it contains subscribers, traffic and content now that site can sell for a lot more especially if you can show that the site makes a certain amount of monthly income.

You could offer someone on a site such as SitePoint or Flippa.

You can say that I will sell you this site with the blog, with all the content. I will move the site for you and I will no longer have a copy but I will also install it for you.

All it takes is you sell the site and you back it up, go to their new site and restore it and now the site has been moved over for them. They are then the new owners.

The possible uses for cloning a WordPress site include moving from one host to the next, setting up a business in a box, and in fact, selling your site permanently to someone else.

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