Almost any type of addiction can ruin your life. You are not aware of it unless you know the warning signs of substance abuse addiction.

It starts out slowly and worsens over time. The person who is suffering from addiction can experience different symptoms while people around him can observe different warning signs of substance abuse addiction.

If you are concerned that someone in your family or your friends may have an addiction, you better watch out for the symptoms and warning signs of substance abuse addiction.

An addicted person masters the art of hiding, which means he/she will try everything just to cover up his/her addiction problem, so you have to be cautious.

The warning signs of substance abuse addiction vary depending on the person and on the drug being abused. Each drug has both short and long-term negative effects.

For physical changes, the effects include decreased appetite, increased blood pressure, rapid heart rate, and lack of sleep.

Another sign of addiction is that the person becomes moody, depressed or angry, once the alcohol or drug is out of reach for a while.

Addicts become preoccupied with the addiction and devote more time to engaging in it.

Cutting down or controlling the addictive behavior is very difficult for them.

Some of the warning signs of substance abuse addiction include: drinking alcohol or using more of the drug than it is intended.

Addicts have tolerance. This is the reason they need to take more and more just to get the desired effects.

Over time, the addicts who consume more alcohol or other drugs may develop additional health problems.

Once they have become dependent, they continuously use it.

Because the effects start physically and psychologically, addicts will show a lot of signs of substance abuse addiction.

By looking at those warning signs, you need to seek out help to save yourself or someone you know who has an addiction before the serious troubles begins and the problems that will follow.

Knowing the warning signs of substance abuse addiction will help you realize that you need help.

Addiction is so hard to beat alone, you need help from outside sources to make your life addiction-free.

You can start by visiting your doctor or an addiction counselor to help you.

Support from family and friends plays a huge role in your recovery and to have a productive life again.


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