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The Internet has been dubbed The Information Superhighway and it certainly lives up to the name.

Every day, millions of people use the Internet and the World Wide Web to seek out information; whether it’s reviews of a new dishwasher, cheapest deals on package holidays, what’s on at the local theatre, or tracking down old friends.

Chances are, if you’re looking for information, it can be found somewhere online.

Whilst the Internet is undoubtedly a rich sea of data, not all of it is useful information, relevant to the consumer.

This, combined with the desire for instant gratification that the Internet instills in its users, builds up demand for the right information – right NOW!

Despite the hype about making money quickly, easily, out of thin air or the dot com boom there is money to be made on the Internet.

It’s a simplification of the process, but if you’re someone with the capability to meet some of this demand for information then you have an opportunity to make money online.

As a supplier of information, you have the ability to help make the Internet more useful for the consumer by delivering what they want, when they want it. You can, of course, charge a fee for providing this convenience.

Whether or not you actually make a sale is another matter. Just like most other purchasing decisions, if the consumer considers the value of your offer as being greater than its cost (or the pain of not purchasing) then you’re likely to make a sale. Get the balance wrong and they’ll likely move on.

Whilst a lot of information is freely available online, it’s widely accepted that the age of the commercial Internet has arrived.

Some may argue that there shouldn’t be any cost associated with information and whilst you may be able to find the same information at no cost somewhere on the Internet, often the time saved and the convenience of getting exactly what you want is considered worthy of the expense.

As an example, you could try and borrow someone’s copy of a newspaper or you could pay to access the latest breaking news from the comfort of your own desk.

There’s a great demand for information online. If you’re one of the people who can supply this demand, especially if the information is about a specific niche, then there’s little to stop you from charging for your services.

With a suitable marketplace to pitch your offer, there’s nothing to hold you back from trying is there?

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