If you have a WordPress blog and the username and password you use to gain entrance into that blog are Admin and Test, you are at risk for your website being taken over.

You can have all security measures, all the fancy security plugins in place, but if your password is something that they can easily guess then you are leaving the door wide open to being hacked.

It is very important to have a safe WordPress login and password.

What can you do?

Make sure your username is not Admin or Administrator. Change the WordPress password regularly and use different passwords than you use for other WordPress or FTP sites.

By default, when you set up WordPress it uses it with the username Admin, which means that when you log in you type in the username Admin and some password.

But this is giving the hackers half of the information they already need.

If they already know that you are using this Admin, all they have left to guess is the password.

But if your username is something like your first name or your first name and your last name, now they don’t know where to start. Now they are guessing about two different factors.

That’s why even though WordPress, by default, sets your username as Admin, the first thing you should do is create a new user account and create a new user and password, save it and then delete that original Admin account, that will cut down on a lot of automated attempts.

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Something else that is very very easy to do is change your WordPress password regularly.

For example, once per month. This means that you are always thinking of some new thing to type, and some new password that someone might never guess because you are changing it every month.

You would be surprised at how many passwords consist of someone’s name, child’s name, or pet’s name.

If you are changing a password on a regular basis, adding letters and numbers to it, now that’s a password that no one will guess which means that no one will have access to your site other than you and the people you choose.

Use different passwords for each WordPress blog you own. Set a different password other than your email address or your FTP account.

The problem with setting the same password for different accounts is if someone gets access to your WordPress site, now they have access to your website, your other WordPress sites, your email, your FTP, and so on.

But if you use different passwords for WordPress, for email, and for FTP that means if someone happens to gain access to your WordPress they don’t have access to your other accounts.

Setting a safe WordPress login and password is easy, do not use Admin as your username, change that password regularly and use different passwords for multiple WordPress blogs, for your email account, and for your FTP account.

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