During recent years cancer has become a common disease though no human being wants to think of it.

It has become an important medical concept. There are different types of cancer that are being introduced every day.

Different types of cancer attack patients differently. One of the most devastating cancers is ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer affects women and the symptoms can be severe. It is a silent killer. This cancer attacks the ovaries.

While this type of cancer attacks the cells containing the ovary, it typically grows at such an increased rate and it becomes impossible to control the growth.

This cancer has become very common in the United States.

Cancer can attack women regardless of their age. Thus, every woman of all age groups should know its symptoms. Women 50 and older are generally at a greater risk of developing this type of cancer.

Generally, these symptoms cannot be observed in the primary stage of cancer.

There are not many symptoms and they may be confused with other diseases.

Some of the most common symptoms are described below:

Abdominal bloating is the first of the ovarian cancer symptoms.

This bloating is caused by having excessive amounts of fluid contained in the cavity of the abdomen. And it creates serious discomfort.

Soon the abdomen becomes abnormally swollen.

The abdomen also swells because of various other health problems, such as overeating.

Abdominal bloating also creates an abnormal pressure in the stomach. Due to this pressure, the patient can also lose her appetite.

Besides, even after having a meal which is extremely light, due to this pressure, she may feel the fullness of her stomach.

When the tumor grows it exerts pressure on the bladder.

It also causes the patient to experience other symptoms, such as gas, frequent urination, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, etc.

One of the main symptoms of ovarian cancer is feeling pain in the pelvic area. This pain is caused by abnormal swelling in the pelvis.

The patient may also suffer from unexpected loss or gain of weight. Since this can also be caused by the changing of food habits, this symptom may easily remain overlooked.

Though rare, in the post-menopausal stage, there may be abnormal bleeding which is one of the main ovarian cancer symptoms.

As with any type of cancer, the earlier it is diagnosed, the sooner some type of treatment can be started. Time is of the essence.

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