Cholesterol is a waxy substance that is found in the fats in your blood.

While your body needs cholesterol in order to construct healthy cells, but having high cholesterol can lead to numerous heart diseases that are not only injurious to your health but it is even dangerous to your heart.

High cholesterol can be innate, but it is even avertable and treatable. In order to stay away from high cholesterol, you must not only have a healthy diet but you must even go for regular exercise, and eat fewer fats and food full of oil.

There are certain functions of cholesterol these are it constructs as well as maintain cell membranes, it prevents crystallization of hydrocarbons in the membrane, it is involved in the production of sex hormones, it assists in the production of bile, it converts sunshine into vitamin D, it insulates nerve fibers and many more.

There is a certain limit for your cholesterol level but if your level increases then there are some dangers that can affect your health or it can even lead to a heart stroke.

Some of the dangers are narrowing of the arteries, an abnormality of the arteries that supply blood and oxygen to the heart, chest pain and many more.

These days one of the major motivations for death all over the world is heart disease.

Heart disease is even an incapacitating syndrome that disables the majority of the populace.

There are different types of heart diseases but the most common one is, narrowing in the coronary arteries in other words you can even say blood vessels that furnish the heart itself with blood.

Some of the heart disease treatments take the form of prevention than cure.

For example the cessation of smoking, smoking cigarettes is one of the riskiest factors that can cause heart diseases.

If you are in search of an option that can cure heart diseases then it is none other than undergoing a surgery. But this is not an easy process.

So it is better that you stay far away from these diseases as they are life-threatening and it can affect you at any stage of your life.

Have you ever thought when does a heart attack occurs?

It occurs only when the flow of blood along with oxygen blocks the heart.

Women taking birth control pills are even at a high risk of a heart attack.

Whenever a person undergoes a heart attack the very first step that must be taken is to call for the ambulance instead of waiting for any other symptoms.

People, who smoke, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and overweight; do not go for exercises are at a higher risk to go through heart attacks.

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