Within your lifetime, everyone will need to seek some type of medical care.

It is a fact that the so-called American health care system is a multi-billion dollar industry and sadly, for those without health insurance, they are denied medical help because they can’t afford it.

As it exists, the present health care system is actually split into two distinct groups. Group 1 is for those who have health insurance and Group 2 is for those who have no health care or limited care.

The quality of care, both medical and personal, that an individual receives under the health care system depends on whether or not the person has insurance.

It is a very sad fact that if you have health insurance, you will receive better medical and personal treatment from any care providers, while those individuals that don’t have health insurance receive less than favorable treatment.

Whether or not you have needed the services of a medical practitioner, when you call for an appointment, one of the first 3 questions you will be asked is do you have health insurance.

If you do not have health insurance, you will sense how the attitude of the office staff changes dramatically.

More often than not, you will be asked some rather abrasive and invasive financial questions. You might be told that payment is required before the visit will be scheduled.

Now in all seriousness, just how does the staff know what kind of charges to bill the patient when they have not even been seen and they have absolutely no idea what the doctor will do or order.

Many medical offices actually refuse to provide any type of medical care if the patient has no health insurance and the person is does not have the resources to pay cash in advance.

Most uninsured people who seek medical care often face embarrassing situations because they are unable to pay in full for medical services received, without the benefit of a monthly payment plan. They often feel like their personal health just does not matter, because they have no insurance.

Doctors took an oath to help people and when someone is ill, it should make NO difference whether they have insurance or not.

They need to be seen and evaluated to determine what is wrong and then some type of treatment started.

Pathetic Fact is that in some hospitals and even doctor’s offices, uninsured patients will receive medical care that is inferior compared to the medical care that insured patients would receive.

Another sad fact is that many doctors and hospitals actually refuse to see, let alone help, uninsured people. The will not allow them the convenience to pay for their medical care on some type of monthly payment plan.

This prevents possibly millions of Americans from obtaining any type of necessary health care. And because of this, many American citizens seek health care outside the United States.

Do they not realize they lose money when someone seeks medical care outside of the country?

Lets face the fact that our American society is insurance poor. People cannot get health insurance. Private insurance policies are outrageously expensive for most people and some of the affordable policies frequently lack adequate coverage.

American insurance companies have all types of exclusions that also prevent many people from even qualifying for health insurance.

America, without any doubt, has some of the absolute best medical professionals and yes the expense of their education is mind-blowing. They deserve to make a good living, but they also took an oath.

Every president has made attempts at health care reform in America. None of them have worked.

The politicians do not pay for their own health care, so do you really think they are looking out for our best interests?

By the time there is really a system that works, there might not be enough people who are seeking medical care in the United States for any type of reform to make any difference.

America will remain health care poor because other countries will be getting rich because they can and do provide Americans the health care that America places beyond the reach of most citizens.

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