The primary objective of Emergency Medical Services is to provide help to any person who is in some type of unpleasant predicament.

These services are greatly valued and those individuals who provide the service are held in high esteem.

The most common types of situations where immediate medical attention is required are car accidents, epileptic seizures, heart attacks and major mass scale accidents.

Immediate medical help is provided to the victim or victims by trained professionals. In some cases, only basic first aid is provided to the patient.

Emergency Medical Services has two main functions:

The first function involves the care given to the patient, during transport, before reaching the hospital.

Pre-hospital care can also include transferring the patient from one facility to another for better treatment.

Although transporting by ambulance is the most common Emergency Medical Service provided to the patients, transport by air is also becoming a common practice.

When time is of the essence, due to the nature of the patient’s condition, transport by air saves time in getting the patient to a hospital as fast as possible.

The second function of the emergency medical service involves the medical attention given to the patient immediately after he or she reaches the hospital.

In some cases, either the resident medical officers or trained paramedics are responsible to evaluate and treat the patient.

If the situation turns out to be of a more serious nature, then the more experienced doctors are called in to tend to the patient’s needs.

In any type of emergency, time is the most critical factor.

If medical attention is not provided as promptly as possible, then the situation can turn into a fatality.

Emergency medical services are active twenty four hours a day, seven days per week.

People must be made aware that medical attention from paramedics or trained technicians is available and the help line numbers are known.

The care of a patient is provided by one person to another person who needs it.

Sometimes the situation is so serious that a fatality happens but with the Emergency Medical Services, millions of lives all around the world are being saved every day.

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