Bladder cancer is in the leading ten most common cancers nationwide.

Among guys, it ranks fourth, with over 50,000 documented conditions yearly. It’s the ninth most common concerning women, now with 16,000 discovered each year with the condition.

Although it isn’t as big a murderer as various other cancers, bladder cancer can be very embarrassing.

Bladder cancer symptoms are often mistaken for various other diseases (like kidney conditions). Having a clear perception of exactly what it’s signature warning signs are just might save the life of somebody who’s got bladder cancer.


One of several factors known as bladder cancer causes, smoking ranks high.

Chemical compounds referred to as aromatic amines are known as one of the main bladder cancer causes, accounting for approximately 30% of conditions.

These substances are found in several materials and goods such as chemical dyes, paints, inks and even dust particles from leather. This makes bladder cancer a career threat, with bus drivers and shoemakers who work on leather all equally at risk of getting the disease.


The typical bladder cancer warning sign is a condition called hematuria. It’s the presence of blood or blood clots in your urine and it’s usually not very painful.

Dysuria is a bladder cancer symptom. Unlike hematuria, this is one warning sign that you can feel as this condition makes urinating distressing. If you continually contract urinary tract infections or feel the need to urinate often, those may be signs that you have bladder cancer.


Getting rid of bladder cancer can be uncomplicated or tricky depending on how quickly you discover that you have one. As with most cancers, early-stage detection provides the best chance of getting cured from the disease.

For bladder cancer in its early stages, surgical removal of the tumors alone can be enough.

As the sickness progresses, it can infect the other parts of your body like the lymph nodes. Later stages might need more complex and intensive treatments like chemotherapy.

This is why figuring out bladder cancer symptoms is very important. If you believe like something is wrong with your urinating, it might be best to see your doctor right away.

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