Some very common diseases that could affect Your health adversely are:

1) Heart diseases – The topmost ranking health concern is related to the heart.

Deaths caused due to heart attacks and strokes are very common among those suffering from high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

Incorporating a healthy diet and being physically active can reduce heart diseases.

2) Diabetes – Diabetes is a medical condition that develops when there is limited or no production of insulin necessary for the transportation of glucose in your body to provide energy and growth.

Lack of treatment can cause damage to the retina leading to blindness.

It could cause kidney failure and create interruptions in the healing of cuts and wounds leading to limb amputations. It could even lead to heart attacks.

Eating a balanced diet rich in fiber and alcohol consumption in moderation are some ways to stay away from this disease.

3) HIV/Aids – One of the most dreadful diseases that is transmitted through the blood, semen and vaginal secretions.

This disease is contracted through sexual contact and by using infectious syringes.

This disease completely weakens your body’s immune system exposing you to various infections.

The symptoms of HIV are bouts of tiredness, fever, acute diarrhea for a prolonged period, unexplained rashes and weight reduction and prone to bruises easily.

The HIV affected need to religiously follow their medications to strengthen their immune system.

Avoiding the use of drugs is recommended as the needles may be infected. Refraining from unprotected sex ensures good health.

4) Kidney disease – Kidneys are meant to maintain the balance of water in your body and the minerals.

They are used for removal of waste products from your body and they produce an enzyme that regulates your blood pressure.

They help in the production of a stimulant for the production of red blood cells and are also responsible for production of a form of Vitamin D for maintaining healthy bones.

These diseases can be caused due to disturbing injuries with loss of blood.

Athletes who do not consume enough fluids are prone to this disease.

Kidney injuries can cause accumulation of waste products in your body leading to swollen hands and feet, urination difficulties and shortness of breath. If left unattended it could be fatal.

5) Cancer – When your body cannot control the abnormal cells from dividing and invading other tissues it leads to cancer.

The most common type is lung cancer with an estimated increase in 2010.

There are various other types such as skin, prostrate, thyroid, colon, breast, testicular and leukemia.

Cervical problems in women are prevalent nowadays which may lead to cervical cancer.

6) Hypothyroidism – This is a relatively common condition amongst people from all ages where your body’s metabolism lowers due to inadequate thyroid in your bloodstream.

This can also be hereditary and can be caused if your pituitary gland has a problem in stimulating enough hormones.

This disease can be treated by using synthetic thyroid hormones.

Each one of us must exercise regularly and maintain our health to stay away from the above mentioned health problems.

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