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Twitter is a social networking website.

Using Twitter can prove to be a valuable tool for your business.

You can let your customers and followers know every important thing that is going on in your business, increase your website traffic, and let others know when your website is updated.

With all of the advantages that Twitter has, you may also be wondering, what are the disadvantages of using Twitter to market your business?

There are a few disadvantages but all of them can be avoided if you are careful.

One disadvantage of marketing your business on Twitter is that you can become easily distracted.

You may find yourself in conversation regarding non-business related matters or browsing interesting links that the users you follow are posting.

It can be quite easy to become caught up in what’s going on with everyone else.

You need to dedicate yourself to the marketing of your business and not the social aspect of the website.

When using Twitter and talking to customers or potential customers, make sure to remember that you are a professional business owner and that you need to stay professional.

If in your social media marketing you start to get too personal with your Twitter friends, it may cause you to lose business.

Using Twitter to market your business is an effective tool if you make it an effective tool.

You need to be active in the Twitter community in order for your marketing strategy on Twitter to work.

You will not see any advantages of using Twitter if you are only posting a tweet once a month.

Twitter has a privacy statement that admits that they do and will use your personal information with 3rd party affiliates.

This is the only disadvantage that you do not have direct control over.

This policy has kept many people from signing up with Twitter altogether.

When using Twitter to market your business, just remember to do so in a professional manner and keep your marketing on track.

Doing so will ensure that you are gaining all of the advantages of Twitter and not gaining the disadvantages.

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