Blog readers are looking for interesting, relevant topics to read.

Make sure what you write is interesting, edgy, or even controversial.

Popular blogs are never boring and add value to readers’ lives either through information or entertainment.

Make sure your blog adds something of value to your reader’s life otherwise you will not develop a large fan base.

Finding places to link back to your blog is a good way to drive traffic.

Social sites such as Facebook, and Youtube provide lots of opportunities for this. You can also use social bookmarking sites such as Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Digg to promote your blog.

Break your post up into small paragraphs each with a headline if possible as internet readers tend to scan the screen looking for relevant information rather than reading everything word-for-word.

Other Advertising Options

TargetPoint – Cost per click ads that display ads relevant to your content. They claim to payout 50% of click revenue and offer many customizable features.

Affiliate Sensor – This advertising solution combines the best of text ads with affiliate marketing.

You earn revenue through Clickbank, an affiliate marketing program, without having to market directly in your blog.

Text ads are placed, matched to your content, on your blog that links to Clickbank products.

Affiliate marketing does not have to be blatant “hey buy this” advertising, rather bloggers can subtly slip in a review or recommendation for a product and include their affiliate link in their blog.

The best way to make sure readers purchase the affiliate products you market is to pick products your audience will be interested in and that are relevant to your blog.

If you think the products you review are worthwhile and are worthy of mention in your blog, what better way to make money than sharing these products with your readers.

Reviewme – This site is dedicated to connecting bloggers with companies who want reviews written.

You submit your blog and if it is accepted, companies will request that you write a review for them depending on the content of your blog.

Reviewme states that you get paid between $20 and $200 per review.

Your blog does have to have a minimum number of readers to qualify but you can always resubmit if it does not meet the criteria the first time.

Pay Per Post – Pay Per Post is similar to Reviewme.

You submit your blog for approval and when it is approved you can start reviewing products and websites in your blog for cash.

Pay Per Post has a marketplace where you can pick which opportunities you want to write about and payment varies according to the assignment you choose.

Sponsored Reviews – This site lets you submit your blog and then pick from a listing of review opportunities or lets companies contact you directly and request a review.

Payment varies by assignment.

Smorty – Smorty is all about providing your opinion in your blog about an available advertiser’s campaign.

You may not be reviewing a product per se, but you will be giving your opinion.

Your blog has to be indexed by Google, older than three months, and have at least two new posts per week.

Posting your opinion or review for advertisers is a good way to make cash from your blog.

You should remember, however, that like affiliate marketing, blatant attempts to advertise to readers do not usually work as well as naturally including a review or opinion in your blog.

Join a Blogging Network

Weblogs, Inc – Weblogs is one of the most popular blogging networks.

Sign up is free although you do have to apply for an account by submitting a few sample entries to make sure they are suitable for the site.

451 Press – accepts bloggers who want to gain exposure and write about their passions.

You can make money right from the site with your blog and there are plenty of blogging categories to choose from.

Make money from your blog by asking for donations.

If you already have a Pay Pal account, you can go to their website and look into setting up a donation request.

It doesn’t take long and you simply insert a button into your blog that users can click and then make donations via Pay Pal.

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