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Facebook has certainly opened the doors to acquiring more potential customers apart from just making friends and exchanging ideas.

The many interactive features like fan pages, games, groups, and even videos enable marketers to reach out to a worldwide audience.

Ordinary people can branch out and brand ourselves as Facebook celebrities.

This, in turn, provides great opportunities to receive immediate feedback from prospects and customers without having to spend excessive amounts on media advertising, research, and surveys.

If you properly address your customer’s concerns with relevant and applicable solutions, it will greatly increase your brand loyalty and clientele.

If you continue providing good quality information and service, gaining their trust in you on a long-term basis will no longer be a how-to but a means of achieving greater success.

Traditional marketers are used to sending out broadcast messages like what you hear on the radio and see on TVs.

These are extremely formal ways of mass communication.

When you use Facebook for the first time, you might find it hard to understand and comply with the informal language and word tones that Facebook prefers.

Past cases have shown that some business owners attempt to try to enforce rules and guidelines on Facebook.

They may come across as either you buy or get out of my shop.

Most people want to know more about the products before buying and you certainly have the right to ask questions.

There are also people who will only be your friends if you buy something from them as a condition of friendship.

Some people whom you want to be friends with do not want to be friends with you simply because they have never met you and perceive you as another internet scammer.

While there is nothing we can do about what people think, there is everything we can do to make a better impression of ourselves to others.

Here are 2 golden rules you should follow which can help achieve results in the long run.

Do Not Be Bossy or Authority Figure Type

· Though this worked fine in traditional business, it can literally backfire in online business.

· Any display of you claiming to know more than anyone with little or no regard to their feelings not only kills off your potential sales but can result in your account banned permanently if people complain to Facebook admin.

Do Not Send Promotion Messages To Others Right Away

· Doing this without developing any friendship, rapport, and trust is a sure recipe for failure.

· The last message you will want to receive is from someone telling you to stop advertising or he will complain to Facebook Management.

Having this message will certainly defer others from making friends with you let alone becoming your customers.

Though there are many rules on Facebook to comply with, they can be easily grasped through active participation.

As all business owners do, companies must ensure their marketing representatives are fully trained in creating a Facebook presence.

Having mentioned those, these are the advantages and disadvantages of using Facebook.

As you do things properly, those advantages can be minimized.

Keep in mind that your Facebook account can be hacked and it can be disabled at any time and without any warning that you have done something wrong.

If you have not backed up everything from your account, you will lose everything (posts, pictures, friends, groups, etc.).

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