Why do some people never get sick and others always seem to have come down with something? The answer is really more complicated than you may think.

There are five major causes as to why a disease or dysfunction occurs in the body. Some get more attention than others, but each is of great importance.


Accidents and injuries occur all the time. The human body has very specific phases of repair. Some of the repair processes can take a year or more to complete, if the injury is severe.

After an accident or injury, one can experience the effects or it may take days to feel the effects.

Why is there a delay in feeling the effects?

This is due to the inflammation of the soft tissue that can take several days to reach painful levels. Prompt treatment is the key to ensuring the best response to traumatic injuries.

Poor Nutrition

This is frequently overlooked as a cause of disease or dysfunction in the body.

As more research is published, the old saying you are what you eat proves even more true.

By eating fruits, vegetables, essential fats and healthy sources of protein (seafood, poultry and grass-fed meat), you can significantly reduce your risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and virtually every chronic disease.

Lack of Sleep

Did you know that if you drive while being deprived of sleep, it is as bad as driving drunk?

While you sleep, your body undergoes important repairs and when we cheat ourselves out of valuable rest, these repairs do not occur properly.

Stress related hormones, some of which are linked to chronic disease, increase when you do not get enough sleep.

To best optimize your rest, try to sleep at least 8 hours a night. Our bodies are designed to function on specific cycles and sleep deprivation short-circuits this mechanism.

Mental Stress

Most people have at one point or another, felt the physical effects of stress.

It could resemble a tightness in the shoulders, an upset stomach or increased blood pressure. It is safe to say that our mental attitude affects our physical well-being.

Research shows that there are certain inflammatory chemicals that become elevated in people who are under chronic stress.

It is very important to develop healthy ways to manage the stress in our lives.

Viruses, Parasites and Bacteria are mostly microscopic microorganisms that receive most of he blame as the causes of disease. There are germs everywhere, but most of us seldom become sick.

Our immune system is the body’s normal way of fighting off virtually all of the invaders that enter our body.

When the immune system is compromised or weakened due to: trauma, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, or mental stress, we become vulnerable to the attack from viruses, parasites, and bacteria.

Microorganisms are not the sole cause of disease. They can cause disease given the right opportunity.

Keep this in mind during your daily routine.

While hand washing, water purification and sanitizing food are all healthy, they are not totally adequate to prevent disease. The most highly effective anti-microbial agent you can have is a healthy immune system.

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