For anybody wanting to develop a better blog, the focus must first be placed on how the site is structured!

Of course, everything starts with offering great content but a good blogger is also concerned with the routine upkeep and how the site displays to others!

Remember, although traffic is extremely important, careful consideration must be given to getting return visitors to your site as well!

Without these return visitors, you stand little or no chance of developing reader loyalty and thus a large following!

Here are 5 relatively simple ways to increase the exposure of any great content you post and to build a loyal following when blogging!

Use Keywords Strategically

Any time you are creating something new to post to your site you’ll want to be mindful of choosing and using your keywords!

Although great content is something that readers find useful and/or entertaining, you also want to attract search engine traffic!

Your careful and strategic use of keywords will help make it easier for search engines to find and rank your updates!

Be cautious however in where you place these words or how often they are used!

Use Plug-Ins Sparingly

One thing any good blogger recognizes is the value of using plug-ins that make their site operate more efficiently!

Some plug-ins even improve the way your platforms display however it is equally important NOT to go overboard by loading up the site with too many!

These handy little widgets often require to be updated and many can even disrupt how your blog operates and/or displays!

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Select and use what you NEED but avoid the temptation of overloading the site with them since this can create complications!

Update Religiously

If you really want to increase the number of return visitors to your platform you must give them a reason to do so!

People land on your site primarily to view the information you offer therefore if you offer little in terms of fresh new content people have no reason to come back!

To become a really good blogger you must accept the ‘responsibility’ that the platform must be updated on a consistent schedule!

Advertise Conservatively

People visit your blog to view great content and NOT to be sold!

Many bloggers are intent on making money from their blogging efforts however having too many ads can actually distract readers which can lead to decreasing the number of return visitors you may get!

Go easy on the ads and focus more on simply publishing great content for readers to enjoy!

Accept Comments Happily

Always allow any readers to leave their comments or input when they land on your blog since this is half the enjoyment of visiting blogs!

These platforms are actually meant to be highly focused social sites and every good blogger recognizes the value of allowing their readers to interact!

Not only does this help create a stronger sense of community but comments are also a terrific source for new writing ideas!

Using reader comments helps many bloggers become more of an authority in their field as well as building more traffic through the referrals of satisfied readers!

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Developing a better blog can be done by first focusing on how you ‘structure’ the platform along with the great content it no doubt contains!

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