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The Internet is a veritable mine of money-making work at home opportunities. Twenty-two different ways of making money online are outlined below.

1. Do you have a hobby or interest you are passionate about? You can open a website based on this subject and fill it with content that is of interest to others. On your site, you can sell appropriate goods and services.

A good number of people earn a good income in this way on the Internet.

2. Affiliate marketing is a good source of income on the net. There are thousands of merchants online looking for affiliates to market their goods and services.

Not only do they offer affiliates attractive commissions, but these merchants also offer helpful marketing aids and tools to make affiliate marketing relatively easy and interesting – and of course profitable.

Most online merchants are grouped around Merchant Directories such as Clickbank, Commission Junction, and a host of others.

You can make money as an affiliate with or without a website.

3. Pay-per-click advertising (popularly known as Google Ad Words) is one of the quickest and most effective ways of making money on the Internet. This is an advertising system based on search words in a popular pay-per-click search.

It is possible to make money online literally within hours with the power of AdWords, but it is advisable for a beginner to receive proper tutorials in AdWords before launching his first campaign.

4. Do you have a flair for writing? You may as well earn a good living online writing for others.

Freelance writers are sought after and many webmasters are ready to pay a tidy sum for some good ghostwriting.

And remember that you can do almost all your research on the Internet itself. A popular site for freelance writers is Elance.com.

5. Another potential source of revenue for a writer is to write free articles.

A free article author quickly establishes himself as an authority in his field. In addition, he attracts good quality traffic to his website which has the capacity to convert into sales of his site products.

This important free traffic is achieved by the author placing his particulars in the resource box at the foot of the article.

6. Do you have a personal problem-solving story – a long-running battle with migraine, which you finally solved through an alternative treatment, for example?

Why not write about it and turn it into an eBook? You may very well be on your way to making good money on the Internet.

In fact, many of the hottest products online are of this nature.

7. Just mentioned above is an example of an information product. Information products are particularly sought after on the Internet and are about the hottest ways of making money online.

The second type of information product that can be sold easily online is information pertaining to the Internet itself.

This includes topics such as web hosting, Internet marketing, home business, etc. There is a huge market for these and an eBook that will provide information on these topics is a money-spinner any day.

And remember, you can get about almost all the resources you require to write a killer info product from the Internet itself, a lot of the time for free.

It just requires some dedication and commitment and where to look. A good starting place is the search page on Google.

8. Like most people, you may not be able to write your own eBook but you can still go ahead to make good money online as an eBook reseller. There are many good eBooks online, which are sold with resale rights.

You can easily buy one such product and resell it under your own brand and keep a hundred percent of the profits.

By buying an eBook with resale rights, rebranding it, ingeniously marketing it with multiple levels of affiliate programs, many entrepreneurs online have been able to make a tidy fortune. You can as well.

9. Do you have skills in programming, editing, proofreading, web designing and such related fields? Then you can make money online as a freelancer.

On popular freelancing sites like Elance.com or Guru.com, it is easy for a freelancer to get jobs.

10. You can start your own hosting service as a hosting reseller. What this means is that you can buy a hosting reseller package from a web host and redistribute your space to subscribers.

As a hosting reseller, you may even be in a better position to offer better service to your clients as you can easily switch to another web host in case of technical difficulty experienced by your original host.

And you don’t have to worry about technical support for your clients as this is handled in most cases by your web host.

11. The easiest products to sell online and make money from are digital products such as eBooks. The second most important digital product is software. As a programmer you can write your own software and market it online.

Even without a product of your own you can make money from software as a software reseller or affiliate.

12. Open a website storefront and make money from selling affiliate products. There are several companies online that offer full service electronic storefronts with ordering capacity, offer administrative functions and host your site for you.

While there are storefronts dealing in general goods, the most effective web store is that which specializes in related products in a particular niche.

13. Online surveys are a good source of income online. Thousands of companies are ready to pay you for giving your opinion on their products and services. All you need do is register with these companies and surveys will be sent to you.

While it is difficult and time consuming locating these companies, a few sites online have created a database of these companies and for a small access fee you can start giving your free opinion and getting paid for it literally within hours.

Two popular surveys sites are Surveyscout.Com and PaidSurveysOnline.Com.

14. Make money from Blogging. Blogs are websites without HTML complexity. Blogs have become very popular not only for their simplicity but because they are also quite cheap to create – they are free.

You can create a blog within minutes on any topic of your choice and fill it with appropriate content and go ahead to market appropriate goods and services, which may either, be your products or affiliate ones.

15. AdSense revenue. Google’s AdSense program has created quite a stir on the Internet. The program works as follows: Open a website or blog on any topic of your interest. Fill it with good content and register with Google AdSense.

Google will now place their ads on your site. Google agrees to pay you an amount every month for every visitor’s click on the ad in your site. AdSense is a neat concept that can enable you earn income from your site even while you sleep.

Understandably, AdSense has created quite a buzz online and there is no reason why you should be left out of the AdSense fun.

16. Mystery shopping. There are companies online that will pay you for shopping in supermarkets [and you even get to keep the purchases], eating in restaurants, driving a motor vehicle, watch movie trailers and even go on a pleasure cruise to the Caribbean. Sounds too pleasurable a way to go? Some people are collecting checks regularly from these.

17. eBay Trading. eBay is one of the most popular sites on the net with many people online earning good income from eBay auctions. You can register free on to eBay to participate in auctions.

You can auction your own goods or third party goods you can buy cheaply from wholesale sources online.

For such goods, drop shippers conveniently handle messy aspects of the sale such as shipping. It is easy to earn a good income from eBay auctions.

18. US Government Grants. If you are a US resident or citizen, you are entitled to free Government money to start a business, refurbish a house, start a day care center, learn a vocation, etc.

This amount can go up to tens of thousands of dollars and it is free money, which is never repaid.

It is however legal being an act of congress. If you are a US resident, you can apply for it.

19. Online competitions in poetry, songwriting, short story writing, lotteries, essay writing, etc are a good source of revenue online. A Google search will reveal where such competitions are holding.

20. You can make money online by joining sites that pay you for reading e-mails, surf the net, play online games, etc.

21. Make money by joining Blogging sites and posting contributions. Many blogs will pay you just for joining their site. In addition they will pay you for your regular contributions. The most popular blog providers are WordPress.com and Blogger.com

Do you already have an ongoing business offline?

Or are you a professional such as a lawyer, doctor, accountant or music instructor? You can simply expand your business or service by going online.

Open a website and market your service or products to the whole world.

You definitely stand to increase your income.

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