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As a business owner, you may have heard that Facebook is a great way to promote your business. However, most small-medium size business owners have no idea how to go about it.

Here are 15 ways you can promote your small business on your Facebook fan page, and getting more likes for your page.

You need to do to get people to “like” your Facebook page.

1. Put your email signature to work for you.

If you put your Facebook URL in your email signature, it is like an advertisement. I am sure you receive and send a lot of emails daily. Put that to work for you.

2. Post it to your blog.

In your blog post, you can write a number of compelling benefits for your contacts to like your business fan page.

3. You can Tag other fan pages in your updates.

This will cause their fans to see you, and you can get some traffic from there. You can cross-reference on your page as well.

4. Tweet a request to like your fan page to Twitter.

Again, use a number of compelling benefits why your Twitter followers should like your page. You can post the link to your blog entry to Twitter as well.

5. Advertise on Facebook.

Advertising on Facebook is easy and cheaper than you think.

To ensure that your ad does not get too many phony clicks you can put objections in your ad – you won’t get many clicks but those who click are more qualified. The reason you advertise should be to build your list.

6. Put a fan page widget, plugin, or like box on your blog or website.

Most people won’t know that you have a Facebook page for your business.

If you put it on your website, you give your family, friends, fans, and followers an easy way to click on the “like” button when they visit your website.

7. Customize your business fan page URL.

Make sure you get a customized name for our Facebook URL. You need 25 “likes” to get that. Ask your friends to “like” your page as soon as you made it so you can make the name that is the same as your business.

8. Use your business cards for your fan page URL as well.

You have your website on your business cards, so why not put your Facebook fan page URL as well? If you are concerned about the look of the card, use the back for all your social links.

And while you do that, you may as well put your “magnet offer” on the back as well! In this way, you are making sure your business card is working for you.

9. Put a link to your business fan page on your Facebook profile.

You can put this in the “links” section. In this way, all visitors to your page will see your fan page URL.

10. Go viral

Make sure all your employees, co-directors, and other workers have a link to your business fan page from their personal Facebook profiles.

You can also put your Facebook fan page URL on all your offline promotional material like flyers, brochures, and even PowerPoint slideshow presentations.

11. Run a promotion and ask fans to promote that on their profiles.

Most people would love to help you out if you don’t ask too often. If you use this powerful technique you will be amazed at the results!

12. Put a tag to your Facebook URL in your YouTube videos.

Another viral technique will make sure more people will find you. YouTube gets more traffic than Google. Use that.

13. Use QR codes for your page.

You can use QR codes to get people to your fan page. Make sure you have a custom landing page that engages your customer and makes them feel welcome.

14. Invite from your fan page.

You can use the “Tell Your Fans” feature on Facebook. You can also tell the contacts you know by importing a contact file, or your contacts from your email inbox.

15. Use Google AdWords.

You can use Google Adwords ads based on your keywords to direct people to your Facebook Business Fan Page.

Get creative and see if you can find more ways to promote your Facebook business fan page.

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