A popular free hosting company is WordPress.com.

And for being a free service they do provide many of the same services as other free hosting sites.

Most free hosting services do include the basics of templates, a control panel, and an address for your blog.

WordPress.com provides these same services and more.

However, there are limitations to free hosting on WordPress.com.

If you are wanting to make a little extra money from your blog through advertising with any text-linked ads or programs, such as Adsense or Chitika, WordPress.com is not the place to do that.

They are very restrictive about how you advertise on ‘your’ blog.

You also can’t make money through any paid review services, as most of the advertisers are pretty choosy regarding the domain name, and this being a sub-domain with wordpress.com in the end, would not attract any good advertisers.

There is also only so much customization you can do to the templates of WordPress.com. You are unable to make changes to your theme.

Once you select a template you’re pretty much stuck with that one particular design and not able to make modifications to it.

They do have CSS abilities, but you must be a paid subscriber to take advantage of this service.

The self-hosted version of WordPress with a domain would allow you to customize the WordPress with themes and plugins, but not the free version.

Related to the customization of templates is the inability of editing PHP files. WordPress.com doesn’t permit the editing of core WordPress files.

This points to the possibility that WordPress.com doesn’t have the server space, or the technology, to process the accommodation of personal alterations to core files.

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If your blog should grow into more than you expected you can purchase an upgrade from wordpress.com.

But just like with any other upgrade package you will get things you didn’t have as a free user.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to set up a blog, wordpress.com is not the place for you to begin money-making blogging. There are other sites that allow you to start experimenting with the world of internet commerce.

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