Rainbow Bridge and After-Death Pet Communication is a visual telling of the beautiful story of Rainbow Bridge which is a metaphor to describe the concept that we don’t really die and neither do our beloved pets.

When one of our animal friends that we have loved passes, of course, we feel grief and sadness when they pass, as we would with any member of our family.

It is important to realize that they aren’t really gone, they have just left their body and started a new existence in the afterlife. Sometimes it is a hard concept to grasp that animals have a spirit or soul and experience a transition into a better place upon their passing.

Pet loss counselor talks about life after death for your pet

I have MUCH more footage coming of my talks about this as well as video of her and photos of her.
December 9th was the hardest day I think I have ever had. I had to make the decision to put my dog, my best friend of 14 years, to sleep. It was decision that I pondered over and over and over. it was not come to easily. This video shows a lot of the agony that I endured in this continuing process. I thought if I shared this that others in pain of the loss of a pet, might in some way, be able to help themselves heal. I know that I felt so terrible and alone, that the making of this video and the website and blog was the best way I knew to help myself. I hope its not to weird for people to see someone grieving, it was done out of compassion and love for animals. I imagine it is never going to be easy to put your pet to sleep. But maybe with this you won’t be alone, and you will have some insight.
If you are struggling with the quality of life of your pet, consider all options, cause once you do it it is totally final.

Release the pain, guilt, abandonment, grief and loss. Keep all the good memories and honor them with all the happy gifts they brought you. Make peace with it and open the door for a new loving relationship.

Secrets revealed! The several ways Robert Smith taps on himself.

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ALL THE MONEY FROM MY PART WILL ALL GO TO A DOG SHELTER; I will post proof on all my social media accounts too.

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***I didn't really want to make a video about Link's passing. But He's been on my Youtube since the beginning in 2006. And I felt disrespectful going on with my life n Youtube without.. properly saying goodbye here

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