What are the Best List Building Campaigns?

There are two main types of email campaigns you can employ for your list building.

One is quite easy, but also deeply flawed, in the sense that it and can help you to get labeled as a spammer.

It may get a few click-throughs for you, but you won’t find the response too great, and for all its ease of acquiring, it’ll leave you with many a headache.

However, if you’d rather build an email list campaign for the longer term that’s all under your explicit control, then a personal one is the way to go.

That is, it is a highly responsive list, which will be free from spam complaints and provides a splendid way of forming trusting relationships with your potential clients.

You can build your very own email list building campaign – how sweet is that?

But how?

1. You need an autoresponder first.

From your autoresponder, you can create a special web form to place on your website – on the page that visitors see first. From this, you collect names and email addresses that are campaign-managed by your autoresponder.

2. You’ll need to offer an exciting giveaway product to entice them, and in exchange for their details.

3. Save your most valuable information for your subscribers to our campaign. The next stage is to build a relationship with them.

Write your emails in such a way that they look forward to receiving them. When they do, they’ll be pleased to open them – and respond favorably.

This may seem very simplistic, but it’s really not that difficult to do. There are too many people who insist on making things complicated – they’ll try to use 100 steps that they believe it takes to do a campaign job. No point, when 4 or 5 will be quite sufficient.

When you’ve developed some relationships with the subscribers on your list building campaign, then you can introduce them to your products – discreetly.

It’s critical to nurture relationships first though.

So what’s preference do you have for your campaign?

Sending spam emails to thousands of people you’ll never know, or to have your own list building campaign, from which you can create a smaller but willing and trusting subscriber base, with no fear of getting reported for spam.

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