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Private Label Content has become more popular as people rush to fill their websites with high-quality information.

Sure, you can have articles written by freelance writers at sites like Elance or Rentacoder, but it can get pretty expensive.

For those who aren’t making much via AdSense or affiliate sales, Private Label Content (PLC) provides a welcome alternative.

Private Label Content – What is it?

PLC is nothing more than articles, e-books, and manuals that are free for subscribers to use as they wish.

There are generally a few rules you must adhere to, you cannot claim copyright to PLC, or submit it to article sites unless you change the content significantly.

(Interpret ‘significantly’ as ‘unrecognizable as the original article’.)

The cost of membership varies but typically ranges from around $24 to $67 a month.

For this, you might receive anywhere from 150 to 300 articles per month.

There is usually a membership cap (from 150 to 400 members) to ensure that the same content won’t appear on sites all over the Internet.

Some sites also offer graphics (e-book covers and site header graphics) and even ready-made sales letters.

To use PLC to the best advantage, you need to be aware of a few things.

1. Look at it from Google’s Perspective.

Google Looks For and Provides RELEVANT, USEFUL, and UNIQUE content that can be found easily by those searching for it.

It makes sense then, that Google frowns upon seeing the same articles, e-books and manuals repeated thousands of times all over the web.

That’s why using content from Article Directories is a problem – since this is an easy way for webmasters to fill their sites with content, the same articles are seen everywhere.

A Word to the Wise for the user of Private Label Content:

Do NOT be tempted to use these articles for your website(s) without doing a substantial re-write.

Why? Because if you don’t, you’re not offering UNIQUE information to your visitors.

Even if your PLC membership site has put a cap on its membership, you don’t want to offer the same articles that could be found on 200 other websites.

2. Using PLC Articles Effectively

PLC articles are commonly used to provide useful, interesting, and unique content for websites.

There are other uses, however. Think about what you need.

Ebooks and Training Manuals made up of PLC Articles are an extremely effective way to get people to subscribe to your ezine/newsletter.

Creating e-courses from 6 to 52 articles – gives you an excellent reason to stay in touch with your clients.

If your a blogger, posting PLC Articles relevant to your niche, with a link back to your site is another way to gain subscribers as well as improve your SEO and page rank.

3. Re-Writing Your PLC Articles

Change the title of the article. If your articles are keyword-optimized, keep the keyword in the title – and be creative about the words that surround it.

If your article is based on the keyword “RSS Feed”, your title might be “How To Use RSS Feed” or “RSS Feed and Your Website Traffic” and so on.

Re-write the opening paragraph. Make sure that your keyword appears once. Looking at the rest of the paragraph.

Think about how to say the same thing in a different way. Use synonyms – use your thesaurus – or change the tone. Try a more casual approach, Your readership will appreciate this approach.

You may just want to re-write a different introduction altogether.

Working through the article. Mix it up. Add a sentence here; subtract one there. Re-arrange the facts.

Add some new points. Make a long article into two. Making sure each article seems complete in itself.

Rewrite the ending. Think about what you want the reader to do. Is this a good place to put your own affiliate link, or write a lead-in to your own product or services?

4. Turn Two Articles Into One

Take advantage of PLC articles that seem low on inspiration and combine it with another article on the same topic to create a better feel.

5. Be Creative.

Most PLC articles are presented in batches relevant to one niche.

Be creative in your use of Private Label Content, and you will definitely get your money’s worth.

6. Hold Out For Quality!

Now that Private Label Content is becoming popular, more and more PLC sites are opening up.

You can afford to be choosy. If you join a site and you’re not impressed by the standard of the writing, OPT-OUT. There’ll be another opportunity. It’s worth paying the first month’s fee to do a ‘taste test’.

Check out the quality of the articles on offer, and especially the niches being targeted.

Look for sites that are being a bit more creative about the niches they choose for their content.

Finally, consider being a member of more than one PLC site. Is it worth it to you to spend $150 a month on quality, no-strings-attached content?

That would get you a membership of 3-4 sites and upwards of 400 articles each month. Even if you can use only 50 of those articles, you’re getting them for $3 each – a bargain!

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