With all the other things to worry about when trying to get your website primed and ready, the two factors of content and optimization play the biggest roles in finding your audience, that is people already searching for the keyword you are trying to optimize for.

With all of the Google updates that occur, the content you have on your webpage is more important than ever.

The phrase that Content is King” is coming back more forcefully.

It used to be in the past, that you could write perhaps a post or two before marketing your website or blog.

But now, it is clear that at least a small part of the very complex Google algorithm code gives credit to weblogs purely because of the extent of their content.

Off-site optimization can consist of any method by which you obtain “arrows” pointing back to your blog, which notifies the crawling search spiders of how highly regarded it is in the internet community.

You will need to build a substantial number of these before their prevalence takes on a life of its own,

Others will start picking up your linked pages and spreading them at which point your rankings will skyrocket more than you or even ten people working nonstop could have managed.

The most common way to build these backlinks is to find blogs and websites in your niche, and leave insightful comments on them.

You will need to do this a couple of thousand times in some cases and it all depends on how competitive your keyword is.

Another way is to employ article marketing. You summarize the contents of your blog post, and submit this summarization to article directories, with keywords hyperlinked in the appropriate spots.

Many of these article directories are highly visible themselves, which means they get a lot of human and search engine traffic.

Successful submission will bump your blog up in the search engines, as well as bring you real traffic in the form of human visitors.

The last way to get backlinks after article marketing is to do something similar to guest posting.

You approach owners of blogs with similar content to yours and ask them if you can write a blog post for them.

Your payment is the backlinks you get to attach in the resource box at the end of the article.

In truth, this isn’t all that different from article marketing, except the articles must be of even higher quality to get published.

After blog commenting, article marketing, and guest blogging, the number of free or relatively inexpensive search engine optimization for website promotion techniques starts to quickly decrease.

Ad placement of high Page-Rank websites can be costly.

If you purchase a banner and it is not highly targeted, you will rarely get enough hits to make it worthwhile.

Another possible method is expert link-building which involves a lot more work.

Article marketing is still more attractive. A consistent program can yield even greater dividends at a far lower cost.

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