Hepatitis is a serious illness that affects the liver.

There are five different types of hepatitis, which can be caused by five different viruses of the condition.

Hepatitis A is a type that can be cured. There can be no life-long negative effects on the infected person.

There are several ways of getting oneself infected with it.

One can become infected with it by both anal and/or oral sexual activities or by eating food and/or drinking water that has a virus called HAV. This virus causes liver swelling.

Hepatitis B is a virus that can be transferred by contact with an infected person’s blood, semen or other body fluids.

It is an STD (sexually transmitted disease).

It can be transmitted by having unprotected sex, being bitten by another person, sharing a toothbrush or another personal item with another person, being tattooed or pierced with un-sterile instruments, sharing needles/syringes with other people, being cut or pierced by accident by an item that carries a quantity of infected blood.

A mother who has the virus can transfer it to her baby.

There is also swelling of the liver. This type often causes cancer and other life-long sicknesses. It is caused by the virus HBV.

Hepatitis C is extremely close to the Hepatitis B type.

It is, however, caused by the virus HCV. A person can get infected in the same way as with Hepatitis B and can also suffer from a chronic illness.

Hepatitis D is caused by virus HDV.

You can only get infected if you already have type B. It is also a sexually transmitted disease.

One can get infected by shared needles, personal items, unprotected sex or anything else that can result in two people exchanging body fluids. It results in liver swelling.

Hepatitis E is the result of the virus HEV. Having the same causes and effects, it is very similar to type A.

You can protect yourself from getting infected with Hepatitis.

Be careful about your health.

You should not share very personal objects with other people.

If you get diagnosed with hepatitis, there is no reason to think that the world has ended.

Only a small number of infected people are actually affected by the disease forever.


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