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So, you’ve been contemplating trying to make money online. That’s understandable AND you’re not alone.

So many people would love to have the freedom that comes along with owning your own business and it’s well worth it.

The question is, can a beginner accomplish this feat?

The answer is a solid YES, but it’s important to create a realistic and proper plan.

1. First, have realistic expectations.

Don’t think you’ll buy one of the guru’s “instant wealth” plans and then duplicate it and instantly have 1,000’s of dollars streaming into your account daily.

It will take time to build your internet marketing empire.

2. Second, get a book that is recommended by a newer internet marketer.

Their perspective will be much different than one of the gurus that have been doing internet marketing for ages. It can be very helpful to learn what worked and clicked for the newer guy.

Learn from their mistakes and learn from their conquests.

3. Make yourself a schedule for your new business.

Some people can dive in headfirst and will just automatically work it as much and as hard as possible. Others need more structure.

Either way, the structure can help, particularly if you live with someone else (like a spouse).

Let your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend know what it is you’re trying to do, and let them know when they can expect you to work on your new endeavor.

This will help eliminate any sour feelings related to your spending less time with them (especially when they understand that you’re trying to create a more lucrative lifestyle).

Yes, it is possible for a new internet marketer to make money on the internet.

Get solid coaching and don’t be afraid or discouraged with some minor failures along the way.

Also, remember to learn not only from the super successful gurus but learn from the mistakes and conquests of someone with a similar perspective as yours.

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