September 2021

If you have ever fallen victim to a headache or migraine, the terrible feeling it evokes may be still may be fresh in your mind.

It is a pain that you hope never strikes again but once you have fallen prey to it, headaches and migraines have a strange knack of reoccurring.

Several factors such as heredity, stress, lack of sleep, exposure to sunlight, and climatic changes can lead to headaches and migraines and these can range from mild to severe

Our inability to take action when the first signs exhibit themselves is often the reason why the problem gravitates to a higher level.

Millions of people living in the U.S. suffer from migraines and 3x more women than men suffer. Migraines are throbbing pain, usually on one side of the head.

Each person who suffers from an attack has different triggers.

If there are so many triggers, is there a healthy solution or just something a person has to mask and take one day at a time?

If you knew how to get rid of a migraine once and for all, not just masking the problem would you?

Headaches in any form are very unspeakable to the sufferer. Some headaches like migraines can cause more problems than just a headache.

These problems could be nausea, light sensitivity, and throbbing pain in the head. Sometimes the headache pain is felt on one side of the head. At others, you can feel the hurting on both sides of your head.

The factual causes of migraine headaches have not been found as of yet.

There are a few theories as to why we experience migraine headaches. The most common possibility is that a change in the blood flow within the brain is one of the trip causes of migraine headaches.

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