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YouTube is a website that has become incredibly popular.

If you happen to have the proper equipment to make a home movie, you can develop an existing business or start a new one, simply by signing for a YouTube account and adding your movies online.

What type of videos should you make?

You need to visualize YouTube as a method that will bring in more business to your existing venture.

If you create short videos that are related to your business you should expect to see an increase in traffic to your website and more customers.

Are you interested in joining the YouTube community? 

If you are, you will need to register for a free YouTube membership account. To register, you need to fill out a short form, which will ask you a few personal questions.

In a matter of minutes, you can be on your way to rating or reviewing the YouTube videos you watch or even uploading your own videos!  How fun does that sound?

Although YouTube is a lot of fun, whether you are only interested in watching videos or if you want to upload your own.

Do you enjoy using the internet as a source of entertainment?  If you do, there is a good chance that you know what YouTube is.

YouTube allows all registered members to post an unlimited number of videos on their website.  Whether you want to create a video blog, a comedy skit, or an educational video, you can easily do so.

YouTube is so popular is because it is free to use. 

Any internet user can simply visit the YouTube website and start viewing videos.

Although it is advised that you register for a free YouTube account, isn’t required to watch YouTube videos.

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