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Twitter is a social networking website.

Using Twitter can prove to be a valuable tool for your business.

You can let your customers and followers know every important thing that is going on in your business, increase your website traffic, and let others know when your website is updated.

With all of the advantages that Twitter has, you may also be wondering, what are the disadvantages of using Twitter to market your business?

There are a few disadvantages but all of them can be avoided if you are careful.

Who has not heard about Twitter?

Well, perhaps if you’re not using the internet, you’re probably not aware that this social network existed or other related sites. Why don’t you surf the web now and see what Twitter can offer you?

You need to sign up first before you can use the site to meet different kinds of people. Most of the individuals you can find on Twitter want to meet other people.

They want to stay connected 24/7 and they want to gain new friends. Is your reason the same? Of course, there are those who simply want to take their business to a different level.

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