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Cancer of the lung is usually due to abnormal growth and development of cells within the tissues of the lungs.

This disorder is responsible for almost 1.3 billion fatalities globally.

The uncontrolled growth of cells accumulates within the lungs and this forms a cancer, which can be completely different from the cells located in the periphery of the lungs.

This growth is regarded as dangerous since it takes the nutrients and oxygen on the healthy cells. In the US, lung cancer overtaken the average amount of deaths due to prostate-related and breast cancer.

Lung cancer (also known as carcinoma of the lung) is a malignant lung tumor characterized by uncontrolled cell growth in tissues of the lung.

If left untreated, this growth can spread beyond the lung by the process of metastasis into nearby tissue or other parts of the body. Most cancers that start in the lung, known as primary lung cancers, are carcinomas that derive from epithelial cells.

The main primary types are small-cell lung cancer (SCLC), also called oat cell cancer, and non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The most common symptoms are coughing (including coughing up blood), weight loss, shortness of breath, and chest pains.

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