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Kidney cancer is a type of cancer that starts in the cells in the kidney.

The two most common types of kidney cancer are renal cell carcinoma (RCC) and urothelial cell carcinoma (UCC) of the renal pelvis. These names reflect the type of cell from which the cancer developed.

The different types of kidney cancer (such as RCC and UCC) develop in different ways, meaning that the diseases have different long-term outcomes, and need to be staged and treated in different ways.

RCC is responsible for approximately 80% of primary renal cancers, and UCC accounts for the majority of the remainder.

The most common kidney cancer is called Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC).

Worldwide, over 100,000 people die of RCC each year. Renal cell carcinoma is the seventh most common cancer and the tenth most common cause of cancer-related deaths among men.

Overall, approximately 2-3% of all cancers are Renal Cell Carcinomas.

Renal Cell Carcinomas make up 80 – 85% of all primary renal cancer in adults.

Kidney cancer can be categorized into numerous different types based on the presence of the cancer cells under a microscope (this is called the microscopic appearance or microscopy), and other genetic factors.

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