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As I have always had an interest in the medical field, the following are blogs that I have created that deal with

some of the most common medical issues that people are diagnosed with.

Medical topics blog has information on 60 different medical conditions, 3 Specialized Procedures

and 2 Miscellaneous Topics

Medical Topics

Cancer blog has information on 33 different types of cancer


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Cancer is considered to be the second leading cause of death for Americans.

Among men, the top three cancer diagnoses are prostate cancer, lung cancer, and colorectal cancer.

The leading types of cancer among women are breast cancer, lung cancer, and colorectal cancer. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) lists the top ten killer cancers. Lung and bronchial cancer:

Colon and rectal cancer

Breast cancer


Prostate cancer  


Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Liver and intrahepatic bile duct cancer

Ovarian cancer

Esophageal cancer

Cancer has become a major health issue across the globe, as it can take anyone in its embrace.

It is a disease, which can affect any organ of the human body.

It can damage the cells of your body and make their functioning abnormal.

As a result, the cells start dividing without any halt, which can grow in the form of tumors.

These tumors are venomous, which can harm nearby organs or tissues and spread into any part of the body.

There are several reasons which are responsible for the invasion of threatening cancer cells inside your body.

It’s all around us, or so it seems. Most of us know somebody, be it a relative, friend, or acquaintance that has been diagnosed with this dreaded disease.

So, what can we do? How can we be good friends, neighbors, or relatives to someone with cancer?

So often, because of our fear or discomfort with this disease, we back off, and stay away, leaving the person with cancer not only to deal with the difficult treatment but also reeling from the effects of being abandoned by family and friends.

We hear about cancer almost every day on TV or read about it in the newspapers, magazines, and on the internet.

Even though the public seems to be well-informed, numerous cancer myths continue to float around. Many people believe in them, but the truth is different.

Here are some myths about cancer.

Deodorants and antiperspirants cause cancer.

There have been various articles, primarily on the internet, discussing the presence of carcinogenic chemical compounds in these cosmetic products.

However, studies carried out by various institutes, including the FDA in the US, have not found any evidence of a link between these products and cancer.

Receiving a phone call that a parent, sibling, or beloved aunt is diagnosed with cancer evokes a series of unexpected emotions. The initial shock hits like a ton of bricks but won’t last.

It will soon be overshadowed by other feelings like anger, sadness, guilt, and grief.

You can also expect anxiety and the fear that, someday, you may become a cancer victim as well; you will remember all the times you were asked during medical checkups if cancer runs in the family.

Several things can be done to help yourself, family members and friends cope with a cancer diagnosis.

Some human activities, such as smoking, are known to lead to cancer.

Researchers have been trying to discover whether psychological factors can lead to the formation of malignant tumors, as well as other relationships between stress and cancer.

It is worth asking whether stress can be linked directly to the development of cancer.

Stress affects the body in a specific way.

When you are under stress due to something bad happening in your life or due to a busy lifestyle in general, your body produces more adrenaline and another type of hormone called cortisol.

The pain from cancer may be one of the most debilitating conditions you could feel in your life.

There is NO magic pill that can be taken to help you to ease your way through it, you may find that relief seems impossible.

With the help of a cancer facility or doctor, you may be able to get some type of relief.

Pain specialists can help you to overcome the discomfort and overwhelming sense of feeling bad. You have to understand that you do have options.

What Is the Cause?

One way that cancer spreads through the body is through the lymphatic system which the lymph nodes are a part of.

Your body’s lymphatic system is part of your immune system, which protects you against infection and disease. The lymphatic system includes your spleen, thymus, lymph nodes, and lymph channels, as well as your tonsils and adenoids.

The cancer cell detaches from the primary tumor and travels in the lymphatic fluid until it gets stuck in the small channels inside a lymph node where secondary cancer begins.

This process is called metastasis.

What are Lymph Nodes?

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