December 2022


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Blog Post That Gets MASSIVE Traffic

Here’s a quick question, if you have a WordPress blog and the username and password you use to gain entrance into that blog are Admin and Test, are you at risk for your website being taken over? The answer is yes.

You can have all security measures, all the fancy security plugins in place, but if your password is something that they can easily guess then you are leaving the door wide open.

That’s why it’s important to have a safe WordPress login and password. What can you do?

You might have heard the saying, “Cloning a WordPress blog” or heard this term used before and you’re wondering what exactly does it mean?

It means that if you want to set up a new WordPress site for yourself or someone else, whether it’s a membership site, shopping cart, content site, or any other kind of site, you don’t want to have to repeat more steps than you need to.

Instead, you create a new blog, which includes your theme, plugins, settings, files and post exactly the way you want and back it up.

If you’re setting up a WordPress blog more than once, you shouldn’t repeat the same steps you are taking for each new blog.

You should set up WordPress the way you want, back it up, and restore it somewhere else.

This process is called cloning. You’re taking your WordPress blog and setting an exact copy up in a new location with a different name.

The steps are, first of all, set it up the way you want, use a backup plugin to generate a backup file, and restore that backup file somewhere new. It is in fact that simple.

The Duplicator Plugin

If you are a WordPress blogger, then you must have a plan to back up your blog(s).

The backup should include the database and all of the WordPress folders and files.

The are many choices available to do this. Some are rather costly and others are free. Some work, some don’t. Some backup just certain things, but not everything.

The Duplicator plugin proved to be a lifesaver for me in April of 2014. I have been using it since early 2014 and it is a First Class item to use with WordPress. And it is 100 % free, although they have a paid version also.


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