Has this ever happened to you? You’re outside grilling, having a great time when you go to flip your burgers, and a small burst of fire flares up around your food.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, flare-ups can take anyone by surprise, but what exactly causes these intense bursts of flame?

How do you prevent flare-ups? And what do you do in the event that a little flare-up turns into something bigger?

What Causes Flare-ups On the Grill?

Have you ever seen a recipe that starts with directions like, “prepare your grill for indirect heat?” Or maybe it calls for creating “heat zones”?

If you ever get a little lost telling the difference between grilling with direct or indirect heat, or when to use one versus the other, don’t sweat it.

What’s the difference between direct heat and indirect heat?

What’s actually going on inside your firebox?

There’s a big difference between direct heat and indirect heat when you’re grilling, and knowing when to use each can really affect how your food turns out.

5 Steps to Prep Your Gas Grill for Grilling Season

Check Your Hose for Gas Leaks Using Soapy Water
Give Your Gas Grill a Proper Cleaning
Check for Spiders, Rodents & Insects
Measure the Fuel Level in Your Liquid Propane Tank
Try a Test Run for Safety

Some Items You May Need

Clean rags
Stainless-steel cleaner
Grill brush
Pipe cleaners
Paper clip
Spray bottle

See below for the extended instructions on how to prep your grill for grilling season.

1) Check Your Hose for Gas Leaks Using Soapy Water

Gas leaks are serious, but easy to detect.

Clean Your Cooking Grids While the Grill’s Still Warm

One of the best times to clean your grill is while it’s still warm.

It’s much easier to scrub off any residual grease or food from your grill’s surfaces while they’re still hot from the cook.

If you wait until your grill cools, any leftovers have a better chance to harden and stick to your grill’s surfaces.

Grab Your Grill Brush for Quick, Clean Grates

Take your handy grill brush and give those grates a nice, easy scrub. Any leftover food should come off without much effort.

Any time of the year is a good time to grill, assuming it is not snowing or pouring down rain with lightening.

Cooking food over fire is hard to beat. The food gets a delicious char and your house doesn’t heat up.

There are problems sometimes: we’ve all eaten a burger that’s black outside and raw inside.

First, a quick tip: no matter what you’re grilling, you’re going to want to invest in a good thermometer.

The best kind is the one that delivers an accurate reading fast.

How to Grill Chicken Breasts

Grilling burgers:

Burgers made of beef are best cooked to medium or well-done because of the risk of bacteria being ground into the meat.

Grilling hot dogs: Grill hot dogs on a medium-high heat grill. They should cook for five to seven minutes before they are ready to be taken off.

Grilling steak: Cook your steak to the desired doneness over a very hot grill. The internal temperature of a rare steak should be 130ºF (54.4ºC).

Grilling poultry: Chicken and turkey must be completely cooked before eating. If any of the meat is not opaque, it must be cooked further.

First, you must select the type of grill you want to use. There are basically two options to choose from: gas or charcoal.

Gas grills are the most commonly used grill today. Many find them more convenient than charcoal as they start instantly and fuel purchases are needed less often.

When selecting a gas grill, check the heat output (BTUs), and construction.

Look for heat control, construction, and style.

There are two main styles of non-portable charcoal grill: Kettle and traditional.

Kettle grills are great for straightforward grilling and small smoking applications.

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