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No one can argue that internet marketing is really one of the fastest rising online industries today.

Almost every opportunity online to make money is related in one way or another to internet marketing, so you can pretty much say that it is the biggest thing online as of recently.

Although this may sound like a very good thing for a lot of people, it can also pose threats to the majority of the public, especially those who have just started making their way to cashing in on the web.


This is because, with the almost unlimited number of people involved in the scene, there are also high chances that they are only scamming others.

Sadly, with the popularity of online marketing also comes the abundance of internet marketing scams.

Usually perpetrated by people who have a wide knowledge of the latest internet trends, these IM scams will promise to help you in your online venture grow, if you only subscribe to their services by paying a certain amount of fee.

So, how can you spot these internet marketing scams so you can avoid them?

Here are some tips:

1. Visit their site.

Even internet marketing scammers take some time building their own sites. This is because without a home base online, people will not fall for their ploys.

However, with these sites, they can only give themselves away more.

You see, scammers are only after quick money. As soon as they get some, they will surely move to the next modus or trend available.

This is why, even though, they have their own websites, you can still tell that they’re fake.

One good sign is the layout of the site itself. Most fraudulent sites obviously look like not a day was spent in building them, causing them to have ton loads of typographical errors and really crappy layout.

So, if you happened to stumble upon one, quickly move away, because that’s not the right place to get web marketing info from.

2. Check if they have contact details on their website. Since these frauds are not too keen on you finding them, they will hardly put their real information details on their page.

Since it would be hard to verify their real names, you should at least check out their address and telephone numbers.

If they don’t have any, it is most likely that they’re just out to prey on innocent newbies in online marketing.

3. Do some background research.

The thing about internet marketing scams is that they have most likely victimized others already, making their names and modus quite well known online.

So, before you pay for any kind of services, make sure to read around first and know more about the coach, mentor, and program you plan to sign up with.



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