Addiction is an age-old phenomenon that has existed for centuries, the only difference being in how it is acknowledged.

People have and always will have some type of physical and/or psychological dependence on some form of external stimulant to provide them with gratification, enjoyment, and satisfaction.

When a person’s dependency on a certain activity or a substance becomes obsessive then it becomes an addiction.

These days, addiction can include all abnormal and nonstandard behavior and unusual dependency on any particular thing or activity, let it be, food, net surfing, gambling, kleptomania, drinking, workaholic behavioral disorder, pornography, excessive shopping, or for that matter even spiritual obsession.

The persistent and unrelenting craving signals received by the individual can only be calmed or soothed down by temporarily altering the chemical functioning and the setting of the brain cells.

The addictive substance or the compulsive activity inspires, motivates, and nourishes the pleasure-seeking chemicals in the brain and this compelling, neurotic and repetitive dependency on these factors ultimately takes over the control of an individual’s life.

Withdrawing or keeping a person away from their addiction often manifests in psychological actions like anxiety, depression, and restlessness.

The psychology of addiction has time and again proved that addiction is predominantly mind-related and can only be overcome through sheer self-control and determination.

When looking closely at the root cause of addiction one would observe that it is always preceded by a feeling of defenselessness, vulnerability, and hopelessness.

It is a simultaneous and instantaneous process of focusing and being abnormally involved in a particular behavior or activity while at the same time diverting or cutting off from other behaviors.

To develop a better understanding of the psychology of addiction an explanation for the occurrence of this problem at an individual and social level is of utmost importance.

Until and unless an individual wants to be cured of his/her addiction, no clinical treatment is sufficient.

The therapy and prevention of this so-called disease is primarily a psychological process and is all mind related and hence only through the will of power and strength of mind, one can free oneself from his obsession.

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