Both physical, as well as psychological addiction, can be factors for someone with a drug problem.

Psychological addiction happens when the user becomes emotionally attached to a drug. When they are left without it, they will experience strong cravings, which can’t assuage any pains or provide physical pleasure.

The drug has become a way to deal often with feelings of discomfort such as anger, anxiety, or a different emotion. When the drug isn’t used, the person has no way to deal with the feelings that rise up inside. Of course, the drug isn’t a real solution to these issues, but only is a temporary way to mask pain.

On the other hand, physical addiction occurs when the body becomes dependent on the substance.

After constant use, the body becomes dependent on the drug in the person’s system and needs them in order to function.

The brain will change its chemical balance so much that when the drug is stopped abruptly it can cause severe distress and even death.

Narcotics are some of the most highly abused drugs. Its use brings both physical and psychological addictions. These narcotics create extra endorphins; you become dependent because, after constant use, your body can no longer produce enough dopamine to provide the user with comfort.

People who don’t use narcotics can be perfectly content, while the drug user could dip into severe depression if and when they are taken off the drug.

Stimulants like amphetamines can be just as addictive, even though there are some who say that stimulants are a lesser problem than narcotics.

Although the withdrawals are similar to narcotics, the exception is the moods swings that are produced.

While depriving your brain of narcotics causes deep depression, stimulant withdrawals can cause some people to go into a violent rage.

All cases of drug addiction require treatment. The methods of getting clean differ greatly, as do personal opinion and professional advice regarding treatment.

When a drug user goes “cold turkey”, this means the immediate termination of drug use without being weaned from it. This isn’t necessarily the best method because, without a substitute to help the body cope, your body can shut down.

The majority of notable medical doctors agree that rehab and/or detox program is the best way to successfully treat drug addiction. For intermittent use of certain drugs, a person may be able to stop cold turkey and attend meetings.

However, many times there are withdrawal symptoms, and a rehab center or a legal medication to aid detox is needed.

Detoxification treatments are geared toward cleansing the body of the drug in stages. The addict is given a drug that mimics the illicit substance, without all the physical and psychological addictive properties.

Rehab programs deal more with the emotional causes of substance addiction. It attempts to discover the emotional triggers of drug addiction, focusing more on therapy than physical dependence.

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