Substance abuse is defined as overindulgence and dependence on a toxic chemical/drug, which directly affects the human nervous system, behavior, and various body functions.

These substances or drugs have detrimental effects on the mental and physical health of an individual.

Some of the substances that are abused include tobacco, alcohol, addicting medicines, and heroin, etc.

People may start using drugs or indulge in substance abuse for fun, due to peer pressure, curiosity, or any other reason, but due to this act, society has to pay a significant cost.

Abused substances are psychoactive substances that cause dependence syndrome. If a person indulges in substance abuse, he/she feels a strong desire to use it, cannot control its use, and cannot get over the addiction even after harmful consequences.

Substance abuse can change the perception, judgment, physical control, or attention of an individual.

The negative effect of substance abuse can be seen in emergency departments and in various rehabilitation centers and hospitals.

One can directly see the poor health conditions of substance abusers and the physical trauma that they are suffering from.

The rising number of substance abusers in prisons and jails also shows the connection between substance abuse and crime.

Drugs and abused substances slow down the thinking ability, and the person is unable to judge between right and wrong.

Many professionals, flourishing doctors, scientists, or intelligent young students, when indulging in substance abuse, deviate completely from their mission of life and face failure in life because of their drug habit.

Some of them end up committing crimes, getting a dangerous disease, losing close relationships, etc.

They do not realize their true potential, forget their missions, their personal goals, and destroy their lives.

Substance abuse can destroy lives by causing different diseases, impaired abilities, weak judgment, and the development of criminal behavior.

Some drug abusers violate laws and kill innocent people and sometimes kill themselves.

Common problems due to substance abuse are violent mood swings, marital problems, child abuse, rape, school problems, job problems, domestic violence, loss of friends, divorce, financial problems, suicide, and the loss of both self-esteem and self-confidence.

The major life-destroying effect of substance abuse is serious crimes.

Researches and studies have revealed that a substance abuser has eighteen times greater chances of committing a crime.

A person who is a poor performer, deprived and socially inactive is less likely to commit a crime than a bright socially active, and economically strong substance abuser.

The mind-altering effects of drugs are the root cause of violent crimes, committed by the abuser.

Many of the substance abusers get into crimes like sexual assault and domestic violence under the influence of drugs.

Sometimes, they get life sentences due to their crime or even years of jail.

The abilities and talent of a substance abuser remain undiscovered and the person either becomes mentally retarded or commits suicide.

People lose their lives, get punished, suffer from guilt, and catch fatal diseases like HIV and AIDS due to substance abuse.

It is not only the life of a substance abuser that is destroyed but also that of his/her family, loved ones, and close friends.

It is a tragedy for the family, friends, and for the abuser. There is nothing positive about substance abuse. It destroys lives.

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