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For an addict to live, he/she needs to satisfy themselves with narcotics. For them, to live without drugs is like living without air.

What might start out as an innocent pleasure soon overtakes their life and becomes a potentially life-threatening habit.

Addiction is not praiseworthy or innocent.

Maintaining the habit becomes the ultimate goal and leaves behind no interest in anything else.

Men and women are always tempted, but it is important to realize that some temptations cause deterioration of the body and ultimately death.

The term “Use” means an appropriate consumption or amount of either alcohol or some other drug.

The appropriate use of some type of a chemical means that the consumer is using the chemical at:

1. The appropriate time
2. In an appropriate place
3. In the proper quantity.

It involves using the drug in a way that it was meant to be used and by an individual defined as an appropriate consumer.

When a minor uses alcohol or any other non-prescribed drug that either alters his/her mood, it is considered abuse.

Many people with a drinking problem are also using pills for an array of reasons.

It is critical to know the risks involved in mixing alcohol with these drugs.

Antibiotics as we know are used to treat infectious diseases. In combination with acute alcohol consumption, some antibiotics can cause nausea, vomiting, headache, and in more extreme cases convulsions.

At the very least, alcohol consumption decreases or nullifies the effects of the antibiotic.

In other words, there is no point in taking antibiotics if you are drinking because the antibiotic won’t work and you won’t experience any of the benefits of the antibiotic.

There are many reasons why people abuse either drugs or alcohol or both.

1. People who suffer from anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, or other mental illnesses use drugs and alcohol, thinking it will help to ease their suffering.

Mental illness is a burden for some people they will try just about anything to relieve the pain.

Drug or alcohol use can temporarily make the person feel ‘normal’ again.

Mental illness can be scary for the individual who experiences it. They are afraid to go to a doctor or family member for help.

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