It is known to everyone that cigarette smoking is harmful and addictive.

But very few know the risks of cigarette addiction.

Smoking inflicts the body with many irreversible damages and reduces the human life span by up to 25 years.

Effects of Smoking on Body:

Heart: Smoking is the biggest risk factor for all heart diseases. It accelerates the process of fat deposition in the inner walls of arteries (atherosclerosis).

It increases blood pressure and heart rate. Not only these, but smoking also increases the tendency for the blood to clot.

It reduces the capacity of a person to exercise. (Exercises always keep heart-healthy).

Lungs: Smoking destroys small hairs present in the upper parts of the airways.

In normal persons, these hairs protect the lungs from germs, dust, and other harmful particles.

When this natural cleaning system is damaged germs, dust, smoke, and other harmful chemicals enter lungs causing infection, cough and lung cancer.

The air sacs of lungs (alveoli) get permanently damaged causing difficulty in breathing.

Digestive system: Smoking causes heartburn, delays healing of peptic ulcers, increases risk of Crohn’s disease and formation of gall stones.

It affects the liver and increases the chances of stomach cancer.

Legs: Smoking affects blood vessels of the legs causing chronic pain in legs.

This may further progress to cause gangrene of toes or feet.

Eyes: The sensitive blood vessels of the eye are easily damaged by smoking. This causes the bloodshot appearance of eyes and itching. In heavy smokers, it may lead to degeneration and loss of eyesight.

Smokers are at an increased risk of cataracts.

Skin: Due to smoking the skin is deprived of oxygen and it loses its texture.

An average smoker looks 5 years older than his healthy non-smoking counterparts.

The skin loses its healthy glow and takes on a yellowish-gray cast. The more cigarettes smoked, the worse your skin will look. Wrinkles start appearing very quickly as smoking affects the elastic tissues of the skin.

Bones: It accelerates the process of osteoporosis

Cancer: Smoking causes cancer of lungs, larynx, oral cavity, pharynx, esophagus and bladder.

Tobacco smoke contains more than 60 substances that cause cancer. 87% of lung cancer deaths occur due to smoking.

Reproductive system: Smoking reduces fertility in both men and women.

In women: Smoking causes an imbalance in estrogen hormone in women. It causes dryness of the vagina and reduces blood flow to genital organs.

Women who smoke can get diseases of fallopian tubes and their egg production is affected.

Smoking can cause abortion. It accelerates the aging process and can cause early menopause.

In men: Smoking impairs erections and can become a reason for erectile dysfunction.

It also reduces sperm count and impairs sperm motility. But these are reversed after stopping smoking.

Quitting smoking has immediate as well as long-term benefits for you and your loved ones.

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