If you run a blog, you must ensure your readers find what they want. Utilizing various blog posts is one of the most underutilized techniques to increase your site’s engagement.

If you write content for your blog and want more readers to visit your site, then there is only one thing you have to do — make sure that your readers find what they’re looking for on your site.

But what types of posts should you create? What makes them different? How can you make each type of post stand out? And most importantly, how can you turn readers into fans?

Here are five types of blog posts that will keep your readers engaged:

  1. Interview Blogs

Your audience may love your company, products, and everything you stand for. However, nothing is better than hearing another party’s different side of the story.

Surprise your audience by interviewing one of your suppliers, customers, or someone in your industry with some business gems.

Interviews are a great way of diversifying blog content and getting your audience to ask questions or comment.

People love being inspired by others, and that is what your interviews should aim to do — inspire.

Post no-frills interviews on your blog; discuss challenges in your industry, available solutions, alternatives, and so on.

  1. Opinion-based Blog Posts

If you’re a writer, you know that everyone has opinions. It’s essential to think about what your opinion is about and why.

You can start by asking yourself why you’re sharing your opinion in the first place.

Think about why you feel strongly enough to say something on your blog. Is it because you want to help others? Or is it because you’re trying to get your name out there?

You can write an opinion-based blog post about a specific event or topic or pick a broader topic that’s just something you believe in.

  1. Inspirational Blogpost

While most blogs are about information, a blog post can be inspiring. Your posts should always be entertaining, whether about inspirational quotes or other topics.

But if you’re talking about inspiration, your job is to give the reader a positive feeling that they can’t get anywhere else.

So, how do you write an inspiring post? It doubles down to the quality of your message and how much emotion you can put into it.

You’ve all seen inspirational quotes, but they often seem boring and pointless, so you should avoid posting them regularly.

In addition to inspirational quotes, you should also post motivational quotes and use them in posts where you’re trying to spread a positive message.

But if you want to make sure your readers feel inspired and want to return for more, you need to give them something else. Something unique and something that you’re good at.

  1. Guest Posts

If you want to give your audience a different perspective on matters related to your industry, a guest blogger may be your best solution.

Content creation is difficult and requires time and investment.

Allowing guest posts on your small business blog will help you with your content needs and build a relationship with other bloggers, which can be mutually beneficial in the long run (think: backlinks).

At the same time, your website will quickly emerge as a go-to place for any information in your industry., for example, is one of the leading websites covering social media best practices, tips, and events. The blog is filled with quality content by staff and guest authors.

  1. Trending Topics Blogs

Seasonal events or topics can also stimulate a new wave of engagement for your small business blog.

Find ways your audience can benefit from upcoming events and provide the information on your blog. Offer helpful tips or advice on making the most of the event.

Things such as discounts on industry or seasonal-related products can improve engagement.

Small business blogging works by diversifying your content into various posting formats to keep your audience engaged.

Engagement is all about providing valuable, hyper-relevant content to your target market. Your content should solidify your audience’s trust and warm them up for future sales.


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