Cloning a WordPress Blog

WordPress is just about the planet’s most widely used and oldest running blog system today.

Software programs have evolved as software designers make a lot of money online with the help of their WordPress blogs, these innovations can be in a form of themes and or plugins.

Lately, there have been several methods and techniques created in order to clone existing WordPress blogs.

What does cloning a WordPress blog mean and why would you want to do such a thing?

The act of cloning means copying not only the look or even the actual material but also the whole practical web infrastructure of the log.

Quite simply, cloning re-creates an entirely existing weblog, as well as enables you to place it at a different location on the web.

Once a web designer says that the WordPress blog has been successfully cloned, it means that the actual database, inclusive of themes, plugins, contents, and other relevant settings have been duplicated exactly the same way as the existing weblog but in a different location.

Cloning may appear useful with respect to making an entire duplicate of one weblog to another for the purpose of data protection in case there’s an unforeseen catastrophe that can result in the complete destruction of the existing WordPress blog.

A fully functional WordPress clone could possibly be utilized quickly in cases of file or data destruction, by simply altering the DNS info of your domain name to point to another location.

Although it is true that you can backup your blog internally with the help of WordPress, cloning a WordPress blog differentiates in one crucial aspect.

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A complete blog backup can be re-installed, while a clone is already set up, fully installed, and is already in operation.

This can be a huge time-saver for you.

One negative effect of cloning a WordPress blog is content updating.

This means simply copying and pasting your content from the original to the cloned one. Bear in mind that your blog backup is as current as the last time you actually created the backup.

Yet another great thing about cloning is that the possibilities are endless.

You can create multitudes of the same blog having the same theme, plugins, and elements.

This is great for money-making blogs.

If you earn $10 from a blog, you can clone a hundred of them, to replicate and even multiply your earnings to thousands of dollars each month.

Include other elements, like images and standard pages you want on all your blogs.

Do this once, without any posts or topic-specific content, and save it as a clone.

You can use that template-clone to install new WordPress blogs anytime you need, ready to fill with content.

This is accomplished without re-installing and re-configuring all the common components. This will definitely save you a great deal of time, money, and effort.

Clone a WordPress blog is definitely a timesaver!

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