How Do WordPress Hackers Usually Get Into WordPress?

If you’re worried about people getting into your WordPress blog, I want to let you know the ways they normally do it so you can easily safeguard against these attacks.

Fortunately, computer hacking is nothing like you see in the movies. They don’t plug in a fancy computer and run a bunch of numbers.

Usually, the way people get into your website, into your WordPress blog is through some pretty simple and common means, such as an outdated version of WordPress, outdated plugins with vulnerabilities, and simple easy to guess usernames and passwords.

Many high profiles blogs have been hacked and these all happened because they used older versions of WordPress.

But as soon as these high-profile blogs were hacked, the creators of WordPress released a newer version that prevented these kinds of attacks.

That’s why it’s a very good idea just to keep your WordPress version up to date.

Usually, when they fix a problem, it’s a very very small and obscure bug and you can upgrade to the latest version in just one click.

In your WordPress dashboard, go to the updates area and they will tell you either that WordPress is up to date, or that it needs an upgrade.

Click that button and you are good to go.

Now, what good is having up to date WordPress version if some of your plugins still contain those security holes?

If you are really worried about it then do a few Google searches for the plugins you’re using on your site and see if anyone has reported security holes or flaws with these plugins or themes.

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If you happen to have one of those plugins or themes, all you had to do was do a quick search and update the latest version of that plugin or theme, which fixed the issue.

Now on a very-very rare basis, some plugins are simply no longer updated, but if they are not, a Google search will tell you this, that you are using an insecure plugin that has no updates, and in that case, it’s a good idea to stop using it and find an alternative.

And finally, even with the most up-to-date WordPress and most up-to-date plugins, most people gain access to your WordPress by simply guessing.

By simply trying to log in using the username Admin and password Admin, or username Admin and password Test.

So what you should do is delete the Admin user and set up a user account using a name that means something to YOU, and a password containing letters and numbers that no one will ever guess.

Those are some very easy ways that hackers get into WordPress that you can protect yourself against.

Keep WordPress up to date, keep plugins up to date, and in fact, Google the names of those plugins to make sure that there are no vulnerabilities and use hard-to-guess usernames and passwords in WordPress.

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