To get blogging results, you have to start from scratch with blogging.

It is important that you know the basic things involved, such as having your own domain name and hosting, the software to use, how to earn from blogging, and what to write about.

Domain Name and Hosting

You need your own paid hosting services so you can be assured that the website will not shut down your blog if you ever violate its policies.

You should receive some type of warning that things need to be changed or fixed.

But how can you choose a domain name and hosting services?

You need to find one with two words and has a .com extension.

Find one with your main keyword in the name. However, it might take days for you to find an appropriate domain name that is still available in the market.

As for the web hosting solution, a shared hosting plan that supports Linux and boasts of a Cpanel would be a good choice.

Ask the hosting company about these features if you’re not sure you can find them yourself.

What to Blog About

It’s hard to choose a topic, but you can write about anything.

But if you seriously want to earn money from it, you need to find the right niche for you and avoid a few common mistakes that new bloggers often commit.

Don’t Bore Your Audience To Death: How To Write Content That Sells

Good content is the foundation of a great blog. It is what draws the readers and eventually, the money, in.

Know what features make for great content.

Quality content must be informative, engaging, and unique.

It must be informative and useful to attract readers. Its importance depends on the blog’s niche.

The bottom line is to always prepare something useful for the readers.

Great content must be engaging. It needs to coax a response from the readers and get comments and shares from them.

You can even use those comments as ideas for your next posts.

Great content must be unique to get the readers’ attention and hold onto it.

If they can find it on other sites and blogs, why would they waste their time on yours?

Killer Content

Killer content is something that the readers find hugely helpful.

It usually prompts them to bookmark the article and share it with their friends and followers offline and online right away.

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