Rest Steak, and Why it’s Important

As you explore the world of barbecue and try to enhance your skills, you’ll uncover no end of “secrets” to better grilling. Even something that seems basic –cooking a steak– has insider tricks and tips for the best results. Read on to learn how resting a steak is key to serving it at its peak.

To help you serve the best steak possible, we’re going to teach you today how long to rest steak for the optimal results after grilling.

And, did you know your grilled steaks are also better after a short rest? It’s true!

Set Up a Gas Grill Rotisserie

Not much compares to the mouthwatering sizzle you hear when you first put something on the grill except perhaps the promise of something tasty slowly roasting on a rotisserie.

Unlike other forms of grilling, which are largely a matter of placing prepared food on a preheated grill, rotisserie grilling (which is technically “roasting”) takes a bit of extra prep, as well as some extra tools and accessories.

Thankfully, a gas grill rotisserie only takes a few moments to set up, and your reward will be a succulent grilled meal that’s guaranteed to impress everyone

Grill Temperature 

First and most important is that great looking thermometer in your grill hood is useless other than in a binary way of “is the grill hot, yes or no?” The numbers are meaningless.

That thermometer is a cheap thermometer that has a tube probe. It will give an average reading along that probe. But it can’t even measure that accurately.

So the hood thermometer measures (inaccurately) the air temperature near the top of the hood (remember heat rises). Not where the food is cooking. Never rely on it.

Surface Temperature

Butcher Paper vs Aluminum Foil

Which Is Better for Wrapping BBQ Butcher Paper vs Aluminum Foil?

When you are smoking meat, it’s common practice to wrap the meat about halfway through your smoke.

Wrapping helps to lock in moisture and keep your meat tender during the final hours of cooking and can also speed up the cooking process.

Some people like to wrap in aluminum foil and others swear by butcher paper – but what is the difference?

Why do we wrap meat?

Best Basic Grilling Techniques

There are multiple grilling techniques and methods and the types of heat sources for grilling are numerous.

The key is to customize your grilling techniques and your use of equipment to suit the type of food you want to fix and to obtain the result you desire.

The main factors are food type, heat source, and desired result.

Grilling Methods

Direct heat grilling is the most basic and common grilling method. Food items are placed over direct heat in order to cook them. This can be done over a charcoal, gas, wood or any other heat source.

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