You must have heard these words so many times that “content is king”.

What does it mean? How can content be king?

No matter how many different optimization techniques you try to use on your website, if the website lacks original and interesting content your website or blog will never achieve a good page rank from the Big Google.

Nobody wants to waste their time reading old, uninteresting, or copied content.

The content should always be fresh and readable.

Imagine that you want to know about “How to do SEO?”.

You search for this on several websites. Will you go for the techniques that seem real, fresh, and original or will you be happy to see bad content?

Even search engines don’t like bad content.

What is good content?

Content that is fresh and not copied. It has an appropriate number of keywords and speaks about the title and is well framed.

When you have your business online, you need to take care of the content you provide online.

Good content will always attract more visitors and potential customers.

When we find good content, we tend to stay longer on that website or blog. We trust the website in some way or the other.

No one should ever stuff keywords into the content.

If you put extra keywords into content, your content becomes bad and people will not like reading it.

When we market or promote a website, we write about it, and if people like it, they will definitely go to the website.

What if the content is badly written?

Nobody wants to read about keywords instead of content.

Content should always be grammatically correct with no mistakes.

It can just upset a user if he/she reads badly written content. Content should be clear and concise.

You do not want to confuse your readers, do you?

Content does not need to contain difficult or Shakespearean English. Visitors or readers want to be able to easily read your content.

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