October 2020

The treatment for cancer today typically focuses on fixing the symptoms which in this case is cancer growth rather than the root cause of the disease.

The root cause is of course the reason why cancer first appeared and if you address that problem it will go away and never return.

Profit plays a huge role in all western medicine with our drug-based medicine.

The cold hard facts are that cancer and other degenerative diseases are big business.

Doctors are taught that cancer is a foreign lump and if they can remove it all they have successfully beaten the disease.

Anybody who knows a little about cancer knows this is not true because of the many people who have been treated by mainstream medicine only to find that their cancer has returned again but in some other area.

The reason why that has happened is that they have only treated the symptom of the problem instead of the cause of the problem.

Our orthodox medicine only has 3 ways of treating cancer which are surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy and all these treatments kill your natural immune system, the very mechanism that fights off all diseases.

When you get these treatments you are killing your body’s natural ability to fight the disease.

Cancer is a slow-growing disease and has to be of a certain size before it can be detected so most cancers have been slowly growing within your body for many years.

Unfortunately, by the time it is detected it is well advanced. The reason why somebody gets cancer is because of a change in your immune system.

It is caused by bad diets, smoking, and our sedentary way of living and our exposure to carcinogenic substances. Cancer has nothing to do with bad luck.

Radiation and chemotherapy themselves are carcinogenic and if someone who’s undergone these treatments survives long enough, they could or will develop independent cancers that are a direct result of those treatments.

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