October 2020

People today are faced with so many distorted facts about cancer and too many just accept what they hear or read.

Most will blindly follow authority without stopping and applying a bit of common sense.

The following is information on what we are being told and believe to be the truth about cancer as well as facts we’re not being told.

Myth 1 – People believe that cancer is a result of fate or bad luck, not the result of something they did.

Fact – All cancers no matter where they appear in or on the body are caused by the way we now live.

They are all self-caused. Many people blame genetics but that’s just an excuse to lay the blame on something beyond their control.

Myth 2 – Nobody knows what causes cancer or why there is so much of it today.

Fact – Cancer is not evenly distributed around the world, and is only a problem in western developed countries and is rare in undeveloped countries.

It has many contributing factors such as our wrong food choices, toxic chemicals, and our sedentary lifestyle.

Myth 3 – Only doctors know how to treat cancer with their 3 treatments of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

Facts – While our mainstream medical system is very good at diagnosing cancer.

Cancer is a degenerative disease and all degenerative diseases can be reversed. It’s never too late to do something about it.

Myth 4 – All cancers if detected early can lead to a complete cure of the disease.

Fact – Believing that early detection leads to a cure is a carefully orchestrated deception.

Cancer statistics are measured by a five year survival period, which is if you are still alive 5 years after being diagnosed you are statistically a survivor so the earlier they can detect cancer the sooner the clock starts running that measures these 5 years. That is, it helps their statistics.

Myth 5 – Doctors are taught that cancer is a foreign lump and if they can remove it all they have successfully beaten the disease.

Fact – Cancer will develop because of a condition within the body and by just removing the foreign growths, that doesn’t remove the condition that caused these growths to appear.

That’s why it will often return as they haven’t removed the reasons why it first grew.

Myth 6 – I don’t need to change the food I eat as my doctor told me it has nothing to do with cancer.

Fact – The food you eat every day is without doubt the most causative factor in the development of cancer.

“We are what we eat” and the typical western diet of processed food and convenience food is not known for its health-giving qualities.

Myth 7 – Getting sunburnt when we were young is the reason why someone will develop cancer of the skin or a melanoma.

Fact – For something that provides life on this earth the sun has received an enormous amount of bad press lately.

Cancer commonly grows in some weak spots and the sun may determine where growth will develop because of the irritation caused by the sunburn.

The sun has many health-giving qualities as it provides us with vitamin D which we need.

Myth 8 – The only way to stay cancer-free is to have regular check-ups.

Fact – Regular check-ups are a great way to recruit people into the cancer industry.

Most cancer checks are highly inaccurate and 20 to 30 percent of mammograms for breast cancer can produce false positives or false negatives.

PSA tests for prostate cancer are also highly unreliable.

Biopsy which is taking a small sample is much more accurate but very invasive. Preventing cancer by learning about its causes and practicing prevention is a much safer option.

Myth 9 – The cure for cancer is just around the corner and we will only need to take a pill in the future to overcome the disease.

Fact – Progress with cancer research is a myth and sustaining hope for the development of a safe and effective drug is pointless.

Myth 10 -Radiation and chemotherapy are safe and effective ways to remove cancer.

Fact; Both these treatments are carcinogenic and if someone who has undergone these treatments survives for long enough, they could or will develop independent cancers that are a direct result of those treatments. There are many other problems with these treatments as well.

Cancer has many contributing factors that will weaken the immune system and it’s a weak immune system that will allow cancer cells to become established.

The first requirement for anyone that’s been diagnosed with cancer is to strengthen their immune system.



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