October 2020

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of cells and the resulting mass of cells produced is a tumor. How a cell/cells acquire uncontrolled growth and become oncogenic (tumor formation), is a matter of vast research for the last several years.

The most common cause known is genetic and the specific DNA sequence is regarded to be responsible for the disease.

Environmental factors, metabolism-related problems, and intake of some cancer stimulants are also considered as possible causes of cancer.

The changes in DNA structure are some of the causes which can be attributed to the initiation and further advancements of cancer and resulting in large-sized tumors.

Cancer is not a simple disease. It is a very complex system.

Recent research has demonstrated that all the malignant cells behave as an organ or tissue system and the growth of a tumor takes place as a result of specific coordination of malignant cells in their own environment.

Specific biomarkers are needed to diagnose the cancerous cells in the body of an individual. Samples of DNA and malignant tissues are needed for diagnostic purposes.

The interactions of various proteins and their etiology (cause) are major things in both cancer and tumor research.

To cure cancer, an integrated system of cancer cure includes the collective efforts of experts of many branches mainly imaging science, medical science, physics, mathematics, information technology, and the most important computer technology.

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