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Cancerous tumors usually include the name of the particular cell type in which they began followed by “sarcoma.”

For example, a benign bone tumor might be called an osteoma, but a malignant tumor, osteosarcoma.

By Body Part/System

Cancers are also often separated by the organs or organ systems in which they arise.

Central Nervous System Cancers

Central nervous system cancers include those that originate in tissues of either the brain or the spinal cord.

Cancers that spread to the brain are not considered brain cancers, but rather brain metastases, and are far more common than primary brain cancers.

Although doctors will usually rush you into treatment, give yourself a chance to think more clearly about your treatment options.

Do some research and start making changes in your life before starting any treatment can be advantageous.

You can always tell your doctor that you need more time to think about your treatment options and in most cases that’s possible.

What Your Doctor will Probably Tell You

Typically your doctors will talk to you about average survival for your particular type and stage of cancer and direct you to the conventional treatment plan that is usually standardized to your particular diagnosis but not unique for you.

The treatment for cancer today typically focuses on fixing the symptoms which in this case is cancer growth rather than the root cause of the disease.

The root cause is of course the reason why cancer first appeared and if you address that problem it will go away and never return.

Profit plays a huge role in all western medicine with our drug-based medicine.

The cold hard facts are that cancer and other degenerative diseases are big business.

Doctors are taught that cancer is a foreign lump and if they can remove it all they have successfully beaten the disease.

Cancer is generally defined as a growth or tumor that results from abnormal and uncontrolled cell division.

Normal cells of the body, with a few exceptions, constantly undergo division as old and injured cells die off and are replaced.

The process of Controlled growth and death of normal cells is referred to as homeostasis, and its goal is to maintain a healthy balance in life.

To achieve this goal, cellular growth and division occur in a process called the cellular cycle, and its steps are carefully controlled by a variety of genetic and molecular feedback mechanisms.

Most people do not really understand or they have a distorted and/or incorrect definition of the word remission as it is used in relation to cancer patients.

Most commonly people seem to believe that going into remission means that the patient has been successfully treated and safe.

According to the American Cancer Society, cancer remission is a “period of time when the cancer is responding to treatment or is under control”.

When there is a complete cancer remission, all the signs and symptoms of the disease disappear.

Complete cancer remissions may continue for several years and be considered cures.

Cancer is a disease. There are over 200 different types of cancer that humans get.

If you have any of the common symptoms of cancer, you need to see your doctor immediately and get tested and diagnosed.

The earlier that cancer is diagnosed, the sooner treatment can begin.

What are the Common Symptoms of Cancer?

1. Losing weight at a rapid rate (without being on a diet), gas, discomfort, digestive disorders, anorexia, recurring diarrhea, and constipation are the symptoms occurring most frequently in cases of lung, stomach, kidney and large intestine cancer.

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