October 2020

My Background

Prior to getting into the computer field, I was involved in the medical field.

For almost 6 years, I was in the field of Respiratory Therapy.

After successfully completing an intensive training program, I became a Registered Respiratory Therapist (written and oral exams).

Some of the training included:

· setting up the operating room

· observing and assisting in various surgical procedures

· autopsies (working in the morgue)

· CPR certification, teaching CPR to other hospital staff

· emergency medical treatment

· drawing arterial blood

· neo-natal

· working with children and adults, both in-patient and outpatient, for various illnesses and diseases.

My computer experience includes:

15 years working for companies that used large IBM mainframe computers

· Computer operations

· Applications programming

· Systems programming/technical support – installing and maintaining all software.

Have worked with PC’s for almost 20 years as well.

Why do I have an interest in Cancer?

2 Relatives died of breast cancer

2 Grade school classmates died from brain cancer

A dear friend died of liver cancer that had metastasized

A dear friend died of bladder cancer that had metastasized

My father passed away from pancreatic cancer that had metastasized to the liver

I have had squamous cell skin cancer that was rather involved


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require additional information.


Mickey Lieberman


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